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芸団協CPRA30周年を迎えて ―実演家権利管理団体協議会(SCAPR)よりお祝いメッセージ

Rémy Desrosiers(実演家権利管理団体協議会(SCAPR/スカプル)事務局長)

On behalf of SCAPR, I extend our warmest congratulations to CPRA/Geidankyo on reaching the remarkable milestone of your 30th anniversary. This significant occasion marks three decades of dedication and unwavering commitment to the protection and advancement of performers' rights in Japan.
It is with great admiration that we acknowledge CPRA/Geidankyo's outstanding contributions to the development of a robust framework that safeguards the interests of performers in the everevolving landscape of the creative industry.
Your organization's initiatives and achievements have undoubtedly played a pivotal role in enhancing the rights and well-being of performers, and we are truly grateful for your tireless efforts. As fellow members of SCAPR, we have had the privilege of witnessing CPRA/Geidankyo's longstanding and active participation in the various activities of our international federation.
Your engagement, insights, and collaborative spirit have significantly enriched the collective experience and strengthened the bonds within our international community. The dedication demonstrated by CPRA/Geidankyo has undoubtedly been instrumental in the success of SCAPR and its mission.
As you reflect on three decades of accomplishments, please know that your work has not gone unnoticed, and it has had a lasting impact on performers worldwide. We look forward to continuing our collaboration and witnessing the continued success of CPRA/Geidankyo in the years to come.
Once again, congratulations on this significant anniversary. May you celebrate this milestone with pride and may the next 30 years bring even greater achievements and advancements for the benefit of performers globally.

Warm regards,

Rémy Desrosiers
Managing Director, SCAPR

SCAPR 構成団体として、芸団協CPRAが、国際組織の様々な活動に長年積極的に参加されていることを目の当たりにする幸運に浴して参りました。その積極的で洞察力に富み、かつ協力的な精神は、国際コミュニティ全体の 経験を非常に豊かにし、その絆を強めています。芸団協CPRAの献身的な取組が、SCAPR及びその使命の成功に貢献してきたことは間違いありません。
30年の成果を振り返る際、その業績は必ず目に留まり、世界中の実演家への永続的な影響を持つことが分かるでしょう。我々は今後も協力し続け、芸団協CPRAの途切れることのない成功を目の当たりにすることを楽しみ にしております。