CPRA/Geidankyo welcomed APACE program trainees

"APACE (Asia-Pacific Copyright Systems Enhancement) Program" organized by JCO (Japan Copyright Office) in cooperation with WIPO was held from March 6 to 9, and CPRA/Geidankyo welcomed 6 participants of IP-related government offices or collective management organizations from India, Sri Lanka and The Philippines as trainees.

This year it was emphasized to learn how the collective management system for performer's rights works in Japan, and CPRA/Geidankyo arranged 3-day lecture course.

We introduced our organizational structure with governance, outline of performer's rights in Japan, negotiation and collection, data management and distribution, member registration, and public relations.

According to the survey responses, they are almost satisfied to learn the importance of the legal compliance or the establishment of database that enables the transparency in the distribution of royalties, the demonstration of membership registration attracted their interest, and they reaffirmed the necessity to execute this management system in their own countries.

CPRA/Geidankyo would like to actively continue to cooperate with such training programs.

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