Q1 What kind of rights does CPRA/Geidankyo manage for foreign performers?

CPRA/Geidankyo manages the rights below;
1. Secondary-use fees for commercial phonograms
2. Remuneration for rental of commercial phonograms
3. Compensation for private audio recordings

Q2 What are the neighbouring rights?

Apart from the term "authors' rights", "neighbouring rights" means the rights of performers and phonogram producers to receive royalties. The 1961 Rome Convention was the first legislation to deal with the neighbouring rights, and there is also the 1996 WIPO Performance And Phonograms Treaty (WPPT). If you have performed on a sound recording, you may be eligible to receive these royalties.

Q3 From how many broadcasters does CPRA/Geidankyo collect the secondary-use fees?

Approx. 1,000 including terrestrial, wire diffusion, satellite, and community FM in 2020.

Q4 From how many CD rental shops does CPRA/Geidankyo collect the remuneration?

Approx. 1,600 in 2020.

Q5 Can I join CPRA/Geidankyo?

If you performed on the Japanese Recordings (recorded music with Japanese ISRC), you can join CPRA/Geidankyo. Please contact us via Contact Form for further info.
If not, please join any of the foreign organizations that have the agreement with CPRA/Geidankyo. You can earn the royalties collected in Japan from the said organization.

Q6 Can the agent be a member of CPRA/Geidankyo?

The agent can register its clients to CPRA/Geidankyo as a Regional Member in the territory of Japan. The registration no later than July 31st will be included in the annual December payment. For the above procedure, please submit the following documents, some of them are linked to its template;
1. Certificate of Residence of your company
2. Banking information (Word)
3. Complete list of the performers you represent (Excel)
4. Copy of artist passports/driver licenses and Power of Attorneys
5. Complete list of the performer's associated sound recordings (Excel)

For further info or any questions, please contact us via Contact Form.

Q7 When do I get paid?

CPRA/Geidankyo makes payments to foreign performers once a year, in December. Also please note that we do not pay the royalties retroactively.

Q8 What is SCAPR?

SCAPR is an international organization for the development of the practical cooperation between performers' collective management organisations (CMOs). Please refer to the details at https://www.scapr.org/about-us/.